KJW Mark-II High Power CO2 Non-Blowback Airsoft Gas Pistol w/ Metal Hopup

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FPS Range: 400-430

Color: Black

The KJW MK-II is a powerful double action non-blowback Co2 powered airsoft pistol that looks and feels just like its .22LR counterpart. The gun is very comfortable to hold and fits your hand very well. The raised target sights with fiber optic front give an excellent sight picture during the day time.Thanks to the non-blowback mechanism, on a fresh Co2 canister, this pistol can shoot over 400+ fps giving you that extra power and reach. The other benefit to a non-blowback system is the gun will be much more gas efficient and will require less gas to operate.


  • High FPS / Range
  • Ultra compact size for maximum portability
  • Fluted barrel to help reduce the overall weight
  • On-frame detachable magazine
  • On-frame safety
  • Newest version with metal hopup
  • High gas efficiency non-blowback design
  • Integrated front and rear sight
  • Fiber optic front sight insert for maximum daytime visibility
  • 1:1 True to scale replica
  • Compatible with KJW MKI green gas magazines
Dimensions: ~9" x ~5.5" x 1.74lbs
Range: ~100+ feet
Muzzle Velocity: 400~430 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 16 Rds.
Gas: Green Gas / Propane Adapter / Co2
BB: 0.23g or heavier Matrix & Compatible High Grade bb recommended.
System: Gas non-Blowback.
Firing Mode: Double Action Semi-Automatic
Manufacture: KJW