Maha PowerEx MH-C490F-DCW Worldwide 9-Volt Battery Charger with Car Adapter

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Compact: Size of the charger is only 2.5 X 3. No more worrying about where to put your charger, the MH-C490F charger is so compact that you can basically put it anywhere Fast Recharging Time: Unlike old 9 V battery chargers, the MH-C490F charger can charge 1 to 4 8.4 V and 9.6 V batteries within 2 hours. No more waiting overnight to have the batteries fully charged. Perfect for instant power on the go Car Capability: On the go power. MH-C490F has the patented automatic step-up device that is capable of charging 9.6 V batteries at its full capability. 9.6 V NiMH batteries need a minimum of 15 V input to charge the batteries to its full potential

  • Rapid Charge Current - 70-90mA
  • Trickle Charge Current - 5mA
  • Cell Configuration - One to four 9v batteries (7.2V, 8.4V or 9.6V)
  • Microprocessor - 4 Circuits, capable of charging batteries simultaneously - deltaV based
  • Charge Time - 120-160 Minutes
  • Input Voltage - 12VDC 100mA