New Designz Ion Wave Roller Trigger

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Fully adjustable ION trigger. Has more adjustments to find that sweet spot. Wave on left, blade center and the S-treme on right.
  • 100% compatible with BlackHeart board
  • Dual roller bearing design for minimal side to side wobble
  • Includes precision ground pin for the ideal bearing to pin fit
  • adjustable, pre, post and trigger switch activation
  • adjustable magnetic force. Remove one magnet for less force, both for no force
  • adjustments made with trigger on the frame
  • Nylon tipped trigger stop set screw to stop frame wear.  All screws are stainless steel.
  • Loctite (serviceable), pre-applied to screws for added convenience
  • Wider than stock for comfort
  • Replaces the stock trigger with no other modification.