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New Dye Dial Throttle System DTS Paintball Regulator

New Dye Dial Throttle System DTS Paintball Regulator

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INTRODUCING THE NEW DYE DTS TANK REG NEAR-EMPTY OR FULL, SAME PRESSURE Dye is committed to helping you get the best performance possible out of your equipment, and that starts with the DTS tank regulator. From full to empty, you can be confident that the DTS reg’s balanced design will supply your marker with the same pressure. The new DTS regulator supplies consistent, reliable air pressure.   ADJUSTABLE GUAGE LOCATION CREATE A PERFECT FIT WITH YOUR MARKER Out of mind, but not out of sight. The six lead Dial index system allows you to rotate the DTS top cap so you can index your gauge and fill valve to your marker. Customize the gauge and fill valve's position for a perfect fit on your marker; out of the way but quickly accessible.   FLOW CONTROL KEEP YOUR TANK PROTECTED DYE’s Fill valve contains an integrated air filter and flow dampening. These two small features work to protect your air system and marker from damage, and help ensure long dependable performance from your DTS reg.   HIGH FLOW DESIGN CONSTANT, RELIABLE AIRFLOW Delivering constant PSI is only half the job of a tank reg. the other half is delivering high volume. With the DTS Regulator you can be confident both duties are covered. The DTS’s high flow design ensures ample airflow to your equipment from start to finish. CAPTURED SHIM STACK  FOR EASY SERVICE The DTS regulator can be quickly and easily serviced with piece of mind that you won’t spill spring shims all over the table. The space saving, long service shim stack is conveniently captured on the piston so you can be confident the shim stack stays properly configured during service and adjustment. SERVICE KIT INCLUDED Service kit included with one year parts and labor warranty


  • Balanced reg and valve design for consistent output pressure
  • Dial six lead gauge index system
  • Integrated air filter for prolonged service life
  • Midrange PSI output for use with all markers and High flow design for reliable air supply
  • Captured shim stack for easy service and Low mount Micro gauge


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