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Ninja Paintball

Ninja 4500psi Pro V2 Series Tank Regulator

Ninja 4500psi Pro V2 Series Tank Regulator

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SLP Regulator

The PRO V2 SLP is Ninja's next generation SLP (Super Low Pressure) regulators. The PRO V2 SLP has a fixed output pressure of 300psi and was designed specifically for the Bob Long G6R and Victory.

SHP Regulator

This Pro Series SHP Regulator has all the great features of the Ultralite reg, including the aluminum bonnet and mini gauge.  The SHP (Super High Pressure) has a adjustable output of 1100 to 950 psi, and was designed to work with markers or airguns requiring a high pressure output.  If you have one of these guns (or similar), you'll get better performance out of your marker with this reg compaired to standard output regs.

Safety Specifications:

  • - ASTM COMPLIANT bonnet thread
  • - ASTM COMPLIANT DOT burst disc
  • - ASTM COMPLIANT Low pressure burst disk
  • - ASTM COMPLIANT Restrictor, bleed hole and safety groove
  • - Mini Fill Valve is hardened, plated 5000 psi rated
  • - Reg installed to ASTM
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