Pinokio Speed Hopper - Walking Dead - Silver/Black

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The Pinokio Speed is the next step in the evolution of simple, reliable yet fast-feeding paintball hoppers. No more polycarbonate shells that might crack or snap at the feed neck - the Speed is built from durable Nylon. No eyes to get dirty and fail. No sound-sensors to miss quiet guns shooting and fail to feed. No force-feed systems pushing paintballs causing chops and jams. No AA batteries to keep in your gear bag alongside the 9 volt batteries you already have to carry around. No two-pound bricks on top of your gun.


  • Constructed with a Nylon Shell to eliminate feed neck breakage
  • Single-button, one-touch on/off
  • Easy to clean with Patented nose release from Shell
  • Standard with upgraded "P" board for increase feed rate