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Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse 2011 Ego - Elemental

Planet Eclipse 2011 Ego - Elemental

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The Brand New Ego 11 from Planet Eclipse. No company has been able to react as fast and accurately to changing trends in the sport of paintball. This marker symbolizes the pinnacle of performance in the sport with new and improved features over previous lines.


  • Shaft 4 2-Piece Barrel
  • New Push Operated Purge System (POPS)
  • SL3 Inline Regulator
  • Adjustable Low Pressure Regulator
  • Zick 2 Rammer Assembly
  • Cure 3+ Bolt
  • Def-Tek Offset Feedneck
  • C-Lever Clamping Feedneck
  • Dual Selectable Trigger Switching - Opto and Micro Switches
  • Dual Trigger Return Mechanisms - Spring and Magnetic Return
  • Integrated Audible Beeper for Alarms and Actuations
  • Capped and Uncapped Ramp Modes
  • All Major Tournament Presets
  • 9 Preset Debounce Modes
  • 5-Point Adjustable Trigger
  • T-Rail Mounting System
  • BBSS (Break Beam Sensor System)
  • Multicolored Transflective LCD Module
  • Eclipse E-portal Compatible
  • New contoured Rubber Grips and Push Button Console
  • User Adjustable (Custom Manufactured) Solenoid Valve
  • Break Beam Sensor System
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