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Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse Ego Zick 2 Kit

Planet Eclipse Ego Zick 2 Kit

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The Zick2 is the next natural progression from the original Zick. It now has a 3-Stage damping effect on the rear stroke, utilizing an air cushion, a hollow-domed PU shock absorbing cushion and a solid final-stop PU bumper. This all combines to decelerate the rearward motion of the bolt and rammer in an even more controlled manner than the previous Zick. Not only that, but the new tail design of the rammer shaft further helps reduce initial drive force on the forward stroke to limit possible damage to the ball being loaded into the barrel.

Fits: 07 Ego | 08 Ego | 09 Ego | SL74 Ego | SL8R Ego | SL94 Ego

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