Planet Eclipse Etha LT - HDE Earth/Black

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The original Etha made a huge impact for paintballers seeking the very best level of performance at a specific budget. As a market leader in high-end paintball equipment, the Eclipse fundamentals of supreme quality, reliability and design hold true of every marker and product we create. And the same holds true of the Etha where these attributes were key to its success. At a time were options across all budgets are essential, we decided it was time to re-introduce the Etha in its new, revised guise. The Etha LT.

Etha LT Features

  • SL3 inline regulator
  •  Break beam sensor system 
  •  Tri-Colour LED status indicators
  • OOPS air transfer system
  • 12” single-piece barrel 
  • Deftek™ feed neck design
  •  9V battery operation
  • Spool valve drivetrain
  •  Aircraft grade aluminium parts