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Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse Geo CSR - Midnight

Planet Eclipse Geo CSR - Midnight

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That feeling of being one of a select few. Part of an exclusive group. Special.

At Eclipse every one of thier markers are special. But some are just that little bit more special than others. Planet Eclipse is constantly going out of thier way to push the boundaries of what they do and how they do it. They try to envisage what the ultimate would be. How far they can take it. For something to be the pinnacle of performance and design.

Eclipse markers such as the GSL, the SL8r and the ultra-rare SL91 have given players a taste of what it’s like to belong to an exclusive group. A group of people that embrace the very rarest and best they have to offer.

Which brings us the CSR. The CS Refined.

CSR features:

  • 100g+ lighter than the CS1
  • 2 x AA battery power source
  • Tool-less battery replacement
  • Tool-less BS cover and detent removal
  • Tool-less drivetrain removal
  • 2-piece, 2-tone wrap-around grips
  • 1-piece, 2-tone contoured foregrip / battery cover
  • Hose-less air transfer system
  • Wire-free body-to-frame electronic interface
  • Adjustable bolt speed control
  • 115psi operating pressure
  • IVCore drivetrain
  • Open source trigger shoe to allow custom trigger profiles
  • Full size HPR accepts low, medium or high pressure tanks
  • Shaft FL barrel system with 0.681 / 0.685 / 0.689 bore sections
  • Shaft FL Carbon Fibre barrel tip (produced in collaboration with DeadlyWind)
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