Proto SLG Black Dust

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The new Proto SLG includes patented Spool Valve Technology, which allows the gun to operate more consistently at a lower operating pressure, giving you 1500 shots on a 68/4500-air tank. In addition, the new multifunction, self-lubricating Force Button allows clearing the bolt without tools, acts as a cocking mechanism, and prevents unsafe disassembly of the marker when gassed up. The SLG comes standard with the new Hyper3 In-Line Air Regulator featuring higher flow, more consistency, and smoother velocity adjustment. Regular maintenance and cleaning are easy with one-tool-one-screw bolt breakdown. The Proto SLG consists of solid construction using a hardened steel sear, aluminum body and bolt, and a reinforced polymer frame and trigger. All this adds up to a tournament grade package you can afford. Proto SLG Features: No-Rise Pressure Feed-Neck Single Piece Proto Barrel Anti-chop Break Beam Eye System Orbital Rotating Sear Reduces Wear Compact Lightweight Body Weighing only 2lbs 2oz! STAMPED METAL INSERT LOGO New Self-Closing Valve (SCV ) 2-Piece Bolt Multifunction Self-Lubricating Force Button Super Low 145psi Operating Pressure Adjustable Reinforced Polymer Trigger Ergonomic 45-Grip Frame New Hyper3 In-line Air Regulator Proto Dual-Durometer Injection Sticky Grip Program with Four Tournament Modes Proto Bottom-Line with Dovetail