Ra-Tech / Maple Leaf Concave Hop Up Spacer Nub for Marui Style AEG Hop-Ups

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Description: The Maple Leaf RTX Flat Hop Up Nub for your AEG is a nice upgrade for increased range and accuracy. Similar to other 'flat hops', this nub is more concaved to the match the shape of the BB. This nub allows for more contact area and precise points of pressure around the BB instead of just on the top. If this nub is paired with the right barrel, the user will obtain more range and accuracy. However, in order for this nub to work properly, the inner nub inside the bucking ( if applicable ) must be removed. Constructed out of a harder rubber material, this nub will retain its shape after many uses. The collaboration with the proper bucking and barrel would result in a definite increase in range and accuracy. Specifications: Manufacturer: Maple Leaf Model: RTX Hop Up Nub Color: Blue Features: Increased Range Increased Accuracy Rubber Construction Concave Design