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Reball practice paintballs - Case of 500 - Pink

Reball practice paintballs - Case of 500 - Pink

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Please note: These are the real deal.  Actual Reballs.  Yes, they may cost a bit more than the cheap knockoffs.  Trust us, you want to get the original, and the best: REBALL®

Reball® was developed in Europe by a group of professional and amateur paintball players.  As these individuals grew their skill set as paintballers they realized they were draining their bank accounts buying paint.  How to become a better paintballer without getting a second full time job they wondered?  They realized that paintball was a truly unique sport and that there was no real training aids to practice with.  The idea....REBALL®.  A truly reusable synthetic paint-less paintball™ that can used over and over again.  Reball® is modeled after tournament grade paintballs so that they would fly straight and true, never jam in your hopper but can be shot over and over again without worry about ball degradation.  It took 4 years to perfect the Reball® formula and the manufacturing process.  Reball® is made with an exclusively developed FYM technology.  Reball® uses only the finest raw materials available and each one is guaranteed to work like tournament grade paintballs. 

  • .68 Calibur
  • Extremely durable.
  • Perfect for running drills.
  • Simply pick up, wash, and re-use.
  • Bonus: Glows under black light!
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