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Special Edition - Azodin Kaos KP III (KP3) Pump Gun - Blue and Green

Special Edition - Azodin Kaos KP III (KP3) Pump Gun - Blue and Green

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The 3rd generation of KP ushers in a new level of performance and refinement. The KP3 epitomizes what the KP lines represents; a Simple Pump Marker for players new to the pump experience with the precision and performance experienced pump players expect. The KP3 features a multitude of design changes over its predecessor. It utilizes a new internal ZeRO Assembly and Acoustic Bolt that lowers the operating pressure to 230psi, making it quieter and more precise. It now includes an improved list of standard features: 14 inch Two-Piece Barrel, On/Off ASA, Clamping Feedneck, Delrin Pump Handle, and Single Trigger Frame. The Azodin KP3 is the latest iteration of our KP line. It showcases our latest technologies and combines our best design with better ergonomics, increased accuracy, improved efficiency, and unique colors.


  • 14 Two-Piece Barrel
  • Color Single Trigger Frame
  • Half-Block Design
  • Delrin Pump Handle
  • Dual Pump Rods
  • 14 Two-Piece Barrel with .685 Back
  • Clamping Feedneck
  • On/Off ASA
  • Acoustic Bolt
  • Integrated
  • Single Trigger Frame
  • 230psi Operating Pressure
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