Stella Barrel System 16" Slimline Front Spiral Rifle Porting - 0.697

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The Stella Barrel system has arrived--designed to be gentle on paint, consistent, efficient, quiet and as accurate as a paintball gun barrel can be.

Constructed of CNC'd Aerospace Aluminum, the Stella barrel system is the ultimate choice for superiority in customization and accuracy.

Available in (2) different secondary control bores to maximize efficiency and to keep your sound signature to a minimum, the Slimline Stella fronts are currently available in 0.689, 0.697.

Available in the new spiral rifled porting.

This barrel tip DOES NOT have threads on the end, and will serve as the only "tip" needed for your Stella barrel back.

When added to a Stella back, the overal length of the complete barrel is 14.4" for the 14" option and 16" for the 16" Option.