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Techt DM/PM 8 L7 Bolt System

Techt DM/PM 8 L7 Bolt System

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The L7 Bolt System for the DYE and Proto Matrix takes accuracy, speed, and efficiency to a whole new level. The idea behind the L7 Bolt System is to reduce the moving mass inside of the marker to the bare minimum. Lightening the bolt means that the marker will naturally have less kick/recoil as the bolt moves back and forth. This, in turn, allows you to stay on target better and shoot more of your opponents.

The lightened bolt also allows for lower pressure and dwell settings, as well as eliminates FSDO (First Shot Drop Off) commonly associated with spool valve markers such as the DYE and Proto markers. Combined with the included spacers, the L7 gives you greater control over the marker's firing cycle. The ability to change your dwell and spacer combo allows the marker to be super snappy, fast, and efficient as well as incredibly low pressure, quiet, and smooth.

Like to shoot fast? Who doesn't !?! The L7 will allow you to shoot faster and more accurately than you ever thought possible. All L7 Bolts are highly polished and teflon coated to produce minimal o-ring drag, enabling you to to have the fastest, most consistent firing cycle possible.

Want your gun to be more quiet? Again, who doesn't? Its always fun to shoot at people when they have no idea where you are. The lowered operating pressure of the L7 Bolt naturally makes your gun cycle more quietly than any other bolt system.

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