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Techt Kush Bolt for Spyder Electra/Pilot

Techt Kush Bolt for Spyder Electra/Pilot

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The all new Kush Bolt for Spyder paintball markers utilizes the new SOFT-TOUCH INSERT face technology. This new "SOFT-TOUCH" design includes 4 different soft bolt tip inserts that allow the Kush Bolt to obtain optimal efficiency, while giving softest possible touch to brittle paintballs. The Kush bolt is also lighter than stock which aids in reducing kick when firing the marker. Together these attributes keep you in the game longer!

Other bolt features include our ramping detents grooves which make for an easier transition for the ball detents during each shot. The detents no longer get hung up on the face orings on the bolt return. We also added the perfect angled ramp to the face of the bolt that prevents ball clipping (chopping) and also gently pushes the ball detents down on the forward bolt stroke. All in all, we designed this bolt to perfection. The result is a bolt that is the quietest, most air efficient, most durable, has the least kick and is the softest on the detents and balls.

This version of the KUSH BOLT works in the Spyder Electra, Pilot, Fenix. 2010 and newer. It may also work in other models of markers as so many companies have made spyder clones, but you will need to measure your bolt and contact us prior to purchasing to ensure it will fit.

Features of the TechT Spyder Kush Bolt

Quiet Operation- The KUSH Bolt was designed to have a less abrupt "pop" or "crack" that has traditionally been associated with Spyder Markers. The TechT KUSH Bolt has a quieter, more muffled sound signature. This means your field position is given away less, and communication on the field becomes easier than ever before.

Increased Efficiency- the combination of the Even-Flow face and our unique o-ring configuration allows the KUSH Bolt to seal the routing of air directly through the face. This results in less air being leaked around the bolt itself- which means far less wasted air. The Even-Flo Face also allows for extremely uniform airflow- this means tighter groupings and better accuracy.

Super Light Design- the KUSH Bolt weighs about 15% lighter than the stock bolt.

Radial Ramping Face- our KUSH Bolt features a Radial Ramping Face which allows for less ball stack clipping, which means less broken paint in your breech.

R.A.D.- Our Ramp Assisted Detent groove allows for much smoother operation, and prolongs the life of your ball detents.

All TechT Upgrades carry a Full Lifetime Warranty!

Made of machined DERLIN! 
Super Smooth Finish!
Three o-rings means no air escapes around the bolt.
No wasted air equal better efficiency and lower pressures.
Gain FPS and save on air.
Light Weight to REDUCE KICK!
Made in the USA!
Lifetime Warranty!!!
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