TechT L7 Bolt Engine For Proto Rize, Rize Maxx, & Rize CZR

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The L7 Bolt for the Dye Proto RIZE, RIZE MAXX, and RIZE CZR noticeably reduces kick/recoil because there is over 60% less weight moving during each shot. 

The reduction in bolt weight makes the marker feel much smoother when shooting, and that aids in improving your long range accuracy.

Because the bolt is so much lighter than the stock bolt, it takes less force to move the L7 Bolt. This means you will be also reduce the dwell setting of the marker. This reduction in dwell reduces the total cycle time for each shot, and ads to the smoother feel when firing. 

Overall, lowering the DWELL setting makes for faster cycle times, increased air efficiency, and more shots per tank.

The L7 Bolt is 100% MADE IN AMERICA and comes with a LIFETIME TECHT Warranty.