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TechT Lightening Rod Upgrade for Tippmann Cyclone Feed Systems

TechT Lightening Rod Upgrade for Tippmann Cyclone Feed Systems

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The Lightening Rod is designed to work with the stock parts or in conjunction with our Vortex Mod and Quick Exhaust Piston Housing. Together, the parts will yield higher rates of fire and increased air efficiency. Users have reported feed rates as high as 30-35 balls per second when using the the Lightening Rod in conjunction with the other TechT Cyclone Feed Upgrades.

The secret to the performance gains is the brass bushing located where the ratchet and piston rod met. This bushing creates less friction than the stock's design with just a plastic hole. This bushing creates a smoother and faster action, increasing the speed and reliability of the Cyclone.

The Lightening Rod is made of 7071 grade anodized billet aluminum which is stronger than any other like it. This stronger aluminum will not bend or break like the plastic, giving it a much longer wear life. It also allows all of the power needed to drive the Cyclone to be directed straight through the Lightening Rod to the ratchet system and not be lost in the bending action like the stock.

TechT's Testing has shown:

  1. With the Vortex Mod and Lightening Rod, your Cyclone will continue to feed at lower pressures. This means little to no manual feeding when you get low on air.
  2. Due to the use of teflon and our modified ratchet and axle design your loader will have less internal friction with each cycle, yielding higher potential rates of fire and less wear and tear.
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