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Tippmann 98 Custom Pro eTrigger ACT Platinum Series

Tippmann 98 Custom Pro eTrigger ACT Platinum Series

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If it's speed, accuracy and deeper strikes you want, the black Custom Pro Marker with E-Trigger will surely help you make your mark. It comes standard with upgrades such as an 11-inch high-performance stone-honed barrel for better accuracy, a double-trigger for better control and faster firing and a drop forward. It also features electronics with five firing modes (semi-auto, auto-response, full auto, 3-shot bursts, turbo) for rapid variable firing up to 17 balls per second. The Custom Pro also has the ability to accept the Flatline? Barrel System, Sniper barrels, collapsible stock, rear-cocking system, vertical adapter kit, vertical and expansion chamber kit and the low pressure system. With its all aluminum die cast receiver and new, extra-sturdy black finish, the semi-automatic Custom Pro Marker with E-Trigger also features a quick-release feeder elbow, removable front grip to accept expansion chamber and vertical kits, and a 200-round hopper. It's fully customizable to enhance performance and compatible for CO2, compressed air, or nitrogen.

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