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Tippmann A-5 Universal Parts Kit

Tippmann A-5 Universal Parts Kit

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Includes a full-range of replacement parts for the Tippmann A-5 markers.

Includes: HOPPES Oil CA-14 Drive spring 98-12A Valve / Rear Bolt O-ring 18-PA Tank O-ring (2) 02-53 Feeder Ratchet SL2-4 Front Bolt O-ring 98-22 Velocity Adjusting Screw 02-PIN Push Pin 02-72 Valve O-ring (large) 09-PA Hex Receiver Bolt Nut (2) 02-33A Sear Roll Pin 02-33 Trigger Plate Pin 98-01A Receiver Bolt- Short (2) 02-71 Valve Spring Washer FA-18 Ball Latch.

Also goes by the old part number T201001.

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