Tippmann X7 Phenom Super Pack

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Kit Includes

  • X7 Phenom Marker
  • UMP Foregrip
  • M-16 Shroud
  • Assault Foregrip
  • G36 Shroud
  • M-16 Front Sight
  • Assault Front Sight
  • M-16 Carry Handle
  • G36 Carry Handle
  • M-16 Collapsible Stock
  • G36 Folding Stock
  • Assault Folding Collapsible Stock
  • M-16 curved Magazine
  • M-16 Straight Magazine
  • UMP Magazine
  • 14” Pathfinder Barrel

The new X7 Super Pack is designed to provide you with the ultimate value and versatility in a premium paintball marker. This kit includes a total of 17 mods including 4 different shrouds/foregrips, 3 stocks, 3 magazines, 2 carry handles with sights and a 14” Pathfinder barrel. If all of these components were purchased separately, they would have a retail value of over $850!

The X7 Phenom with FlexValve Technology is the first electro-pneumatic paintball marker to offer the combination of improved air efficiency, superior accuracy, manual or electronic mode firing, and the flexibility of CO2 or compressed air usage. The new FlexValve operates below 300 PSI for improved air efficiency allowing you to get over 1,400 shots from a 68 cubic inch 4500 psi tank. Also, due to its Spool Valve design, recoil is virtually eliminated for improved accuracy. As an added benefit, the Phenom’s searless design incorporates fewer wear parts, making maintenance easier than ever. Best of all, because this new marker is built around the existing X7 platform, the Phenom–which is nearly 3 inches shorter than the X7–can still accept more than 20 current X7 mods and upgrades, including the popular Flatline Barrel. Players have never been offered such a complete package – the performance of a tournament marker…the flexibility of a mechanical marker…the durability of a Tippmann…and the ability to customize their marker with thousands of different looks. With the new X7 Phenom priced similar to the current X7 with eGrip, the X7 Phenom truly is in a class of its own.

Other great features include:

  • New compact and lightweight aluminum body
  • Pushpin construction for easy field stripping
  • All-metal trigger for enhanced stability
  • Three position selector switch – with third position having five firing modes
  • Magnetically activated hall effect electronics
  • Quick release magazine with built-in tool storage
  • The internal gasline and lack of cocking handle offer a more realistic look
  • Redesigned Cyclone Feed System paddles feed up to 15 balls-per-second without batteries
  • Piccatinny top rail to easily add new sights or handles
  • Compatible with air-thru stocks
  • Removable front and rear sights
  • Low profile, offset hopper for clear line of sight
  • Modular foregrip with two rails to add sights and scopes
  • Internal regulator with new external velocity adjustment (tool required)
  • 9.5” high performance, stone-honed barrel
  • Includes maintenance pack, barrel blocking device, and marker lubricant
  • Two year marker warranty
  • Made in the USA