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Umarex T4E HDS Double Barrel .68 Cal Paintball Shotgun

Umarex T4E HDS Double Barrel .68 Cal Paintball Shotgun

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The Umarex T4E HDS Shotgun is capable of cambering 2 - 0.68 cal paintballs.  Top selector switch allows you to select the barrel you'd like to shoot.  Center the selector and shoot both balls at once.  Quality construction with a durable heavy polymer stock and aluminum barrel.  Includes a forward picatinny rail underneath for quick attachment of a flashlight or other accessory and a built-in trigger safety.


  • Shoots .68 cal Paintball, .68 cal Rubber Balls and First Strike Rounds
  • Dual Barrel with Barrel Selector
  • Breech Load Action
  • Front Picatinny Rail
  • Quick Pierce 12g CO2 Air System
  • Top Pressurized Indicator
  • Built-in Trigger Safety
  • Velocity is approximately 200 FPS (this can vary slightly depending on ball to barrel size matching).

7 Joule US model.

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