Used Tiberius Arms T15 w/ Upgrades - Black

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This is a listing for a Tiberius Arms/First Strike T15 with upgrade. This T15 has been upgraded with a rail riser, 3x32 scope, foregrip, and air-thru grip. This T15 is set up to take air thru the grip like the Tippmann TMC. This T15 doesn't come with the stuff to turn it back to a air-thru stock. This marker has normal wear on it from being used out on the field. This marker has been tested and found to be in perfect working condition.


  • Tiberius Arms T15
  • Rail Riser
  • 3x32 Scope
  • Foregrip
  • 2 T15 FS Magazines 
  • Tiberius Arms Flip Up Sights
  • Hopper Adapter
  • Sling
  • Air-Thru Grip ( Already Installed)
  • A5 Breach Adapter

Please see pictures for more details.