Used Planet Eclipse CSR - Blue Shadow

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This is a listing for a used Planet Eclipse CSR. This CSR is in fantastic condition with almost no body wear on it. The carbon fiber barrel doesn't have any chips or scratches. This marker has very little to no visible wear on it from being used out on the field. This marker has been tested and found to be in perfect working condition. 


  • Planet Eclipse CSR (Blue Shadow)
  • 3 Shaft FL Backs (681, 685, 689)
  • Shaft FL Carbon Fiber Barrel Tip
  • CSR Carbon Fiber Marker Case
  • Hard and Soft Bolt Tips
  • Eclipse Grease
  • CS1 Spare Parts Kit
  • Owners Manual


  • 100g+ lighter than the CS1
  • 2 x AA battery power source
  • Tool-less battery replacement
  • Tool-less BS cover and detent removal
  • Tool-less drivetrain removal
  • 2-piece, 2-tone wrap-around grips
  • 1-piece, 2-tone contoured foregrip / battery cover
  • Hose-less air transfer system
  • Wire-free body-to-frame electronic interface
  • Adjustable bolt speed control
  • 115psi operating pressure
  • IVCore drivetrain
  • Open source trigger shoe to allow custom trigger profiles
  • Full size HPR accepts low, medium or high pressure tanks
  • Shaft FL barrel system with 0.681 / 0.685 / 0.689 bore sections
  • Shaft FL Carbon Fiber barrel tip (produced in collaboration with DeadlyWind)

Please see pictures for more details.