UTG 3 Shot 6mm Airsoft Spring Shotgun

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UTG Multi-Shot Combat Commando Shotgun

  • 290 fps (0.2 g BB) / Range 100-120 feet
  • Barrel Length: 18.5 inches / 47 cm
  • Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds
  • Two shot shell sincluded
  • Triple Shot Action!
  • Speed loader Included
  • Made in China
UTG Multi-Shot Combat Commando Shotgun is a great room clearing weapon. The pistol grip full stock allows for maximum weapon retention as well as stability. Its tri-shot capability allows 3 BBs to be fired from its 3 individual barrels in one cycle. The open iron sights allow for quick target acquisition and its short barrel allows for maximum maneuverability.

This airsoft gun is not to be misrepresented as a real firearm or gun that is manufactured by Remington and is merely an airsoft gun that fires 6mm pellets. The manufacturer of this airsoft gun is UTG.