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Valken Energy Balancing Charger TB6 AC

Valken Energy Balancing Charger TB6 AC

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  • Designed to balance charge NiMH/NiCd/Li-Ion/Li-Po/LiFe/SLA battery packs.
  • Able to balance charge a 15S cell NiMH/NiCd pack or a 6S cell Li-Ion/Li-Po/LiFe pack with a maximum current of 5A.
  • Built in power source.
  • Able to store up to 10 different battery charging programs.
  • LCD display charging indicator.
  • Includes HiTech, JST, Tamiya, Mini Tamiya, Deans, Traxxas, and EC3 charging connectors.


  • Model: TB-6AC
  • Maximum Charge Current: 5A
  • Maximum Discharge Current: 1A
  • Indicators: LCD
  • Compatible Chemistry: NiMH / NiCd / Li-Ion / Li-Po / LiFePO4 / SLA
  • Input Voltage: AC: 100V-240V DC: 11V-18V
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