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Valken Identity/Profit Thermal- Polarized Lens

Valken Identity/Profit Thermal- Polarized Lens

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Introducing the new Valken Polarized Lens for your Identity and Profit Goggles! Gain the advantage on the field with our polarized paintball lenses to give your eyes all the help it can get against the sun! Polarizing tinting reduces the glare from shining bunkers, allowing your eyes to easily focus on your target or next bunker! Having optimum vision on the field is key and with a polarized lens increasing the clarity and contrast, you will be able to easily tell what you’re looking at! We know that a game can change in a split second so don’t settle for less!


  • Compatible with both Sly Profit and Valken Identity Goggles
  • Dual-Pane Anti-Fog Lenses
  • Polarized coating on interior lens for scratch protection
  • Wide field of view
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