VForce Profiler Mask 15th Anniversary White Gold - 1 of 200

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PB Sports is proud to be able to offer the 15th Anniversary VForce Profiler.  This run is limited to 200 units, and will never be reproduced. Each one is individually numbered on the faceplate, and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticy.   The goggle bag that comes with this is VERY nice, and superior to the plain bags often included with other goggles. 

Design Technology:

  • Maximum Peripheral Vision with 280° of enhanced field of vision.
  • HardTarget™ Design for a low profile aimed to reduce the target zone
  • Cutting Edge, industry leading ThermoCured™ AntiFog and AntiScratch lenses with unbeatable distortion-free optics.

Quickchange™ convenience features:

  • QuickChange™ ThermoCured™ Lens, for super-fast interchangeability service during time outs
  • QuickChange™ Strap

In-Play convenience features:

  • FeatherWeight Comfort. Ultra-lightweight design for unrestricted movement
  • Fast-drying super soft Dual Density Foam
  • Pro Visor for increased protection in sunny or rainy conditions.
  • Adapt to any light condition with optional lenses available in different tinted coatings such as Photocromatic, Mirror, Yellow and Smoke.

What’s included with the 15th Anniversary edition:

  • Individually numbered 15th Anniversary Profiler
  • Installed Thermo-Cured HDR Gold Lens
  • Profiler15 Custom Strap
  • Certificate of Authenticity, also numbered to match goggle
  • 1 visor with the required installation o-rings
  • Instructions manual
  • Custom 15th Anniversary Carry-bag