Virtue BASE 150 Pod Smoke

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The BASE 150 Pod is the new standard for paintball tubes. Heavy duty polymer spring loaded lid with EVA impact foam to protect the top layer of paint and keep it from rattling inside. Injection molded into a unique shape to fit snug or freely in player harnesses. Robust structure for maximum paintball security with a true 150 round capacity.

Even though the Base 150 pod is the same size as competing “140” round pods, the Base 150, holds 20-30 more paintballs than the typical “140” round pod. This increase in capacity is accomplished through the alternating flat and rounded corners on the Base 150, which allows the paint to pack tighter in the pod. It also makes it easier to grip, and fit more flat against your back in your harness.

  • High impact polymer structure
  • Built in spring-loaded lid
  • Indented lid tab
  • Positive retention lid
  • EVA inner protective foam (hold no moisture)
  • Two sided design (flat and round)
  • Maximum capacity
  • Side etched logo
  • Fits average harness