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Virtue Clock Paintball Chronograph Gunmetal

Virtue Clock Paintball Chronograph Gunmetal

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NEW IN THE CLOCK II The Virtue Clock II upgraded LCD Display and new Radar Antenna offer the following improvements: Improved Moisture Resistance: While the Clock II is not designed to be waterproof, the new electronics and screen are much more reliable after exposure to moisture and excessive humidity. Improved Radar Accuracy: Radar accuracy and velocity reporting is more accurate thanks to the better quality radar signal from the new antenna. Improved Battery Life: The new LCD screen is 300% more battery efficient than the OLED screen used on the original Clock. Improved Sunlight Performance: The new LCD displays much better in direct sunlight compared to the original OLED screen. The brighter the sunlight, the better the display gets, and the LCD still incorporates a backlight for low light operation. Upgraded Battery Harness: The heavy duty battery harness is not only stronger, but it won’t accidentally come unplugged. Four New Colorways: To help differentiate the Clock II, and to add a bit of style, the Clock II is available in 4 unique colorways.


FEATURES Super Efficient LCD screen FPS Reading: Displays most recent and/or peak FPS FPS History: Stores 15 rapid fire shots in scrollable memory Velocity Consistency: +/- variation of a string’s velocity consistency Average FPS: Average velocity of a string Game & Break Timer: Game timer, with optional Break Timer Balls Per Second: Peak BPS (with scrollable history) Rail Accessory Mount Tripod Mount Kensington Laptop Lock Slot 2-slot Allen Key Holder Heavy Duty Ballistic Glass Filled Nylon Tool-less 4-AA battery door

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