Virtue Redefined Tippmann A5 Upgrade Board

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Installation Instructions:

1. Remove the 2 push-pins, remove the trigger frame from the A5 body

2. Remove the ASA adapter from the trigger frame via the screw on the bottom of the frame

3. Remove the trigger assembly but be sure to keep it intact

4. Unscrew the 3 screws holding together the two halves of the frame separate the frame and remove the trigger guard

5. Remove the stock board, but keep your solenoid rod and return magnet nearby.

6. Now install the Virtue board into the same position of the stock board

7. Place the included button in the top hole of the frame

8. Replace the solenoid rod and trigger assembly

9. Place the trigger guard in place and put the two halves together

10. Screw in the 3 screws attaching the trigger frame together

11. Reinstall the ASA using the bottom screw of the trigger frame

12. Attach trigger frame to body with push pins

Changes to programming a Virtue A-5 Board:

· Solid Red is now Coil Timing

· Teal, Yellow and Flickering Green have been taken out of the sequence

· Flickering Purple has been added as the Auto Shutdown adjustment

LED Indicator: Solid yellow during startup indicates a low battery. Flashing red indicates that the gun is on and ready to fire.

Dip Switches: There is no dip switches on the A-5 board. Because of this you will adjust your tournament lock through the button on the side of the board. There are no player profiles available on the A-5 board.

Eye Functionality: There is no eye system available for the Tippmann A-5. Because of this we have set the board to always be in eyes off mode. This cannot be adjusted. Also there is no Eye delay in the settings.

Tournament Lock: To adjust your tournament lock hold down your trigger and the side button then turn the board on, then release the side button. The LED will either blink red or green. Red means the tournament lock has been enabled and green means the tournament lock is disabled.

Max Rate of Fire – Flickering Red – (Default 15): While the board is able to achieve higher rates of fire we recommend not setting your max rate of fire above 15bps on a stock A-5. Any upgrades done to the gun may allow you to increase this max rate of fire. If you increase the rate of fire above what the mechanical parts on the gun can handle it can cause damage to your cyclone feed system.

Coil Timing - Red - (Values 1-20; Default 7): Coil time is how long the coil takes to release the hammer. If this time is too short your gun may not cycle properly and can result in the marker not shooting or skipping shots. If the coil time is too long you may experience shortened battery life.

Auto Shutdown – Flickering Purple – (Default 1:On): If your gun is not fired for 10 minutes the Virtue board will automatically turn off. Auto Shutdown setting can now be adjusted to be turned on, setting