Inception Designs Fang Trigger for Planet Eclipse EMEK100/MG100

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This is a polished aluminum, fully adjustable trigger, with precision bearings and pin for the Planet Eclipse EMEK/MG100. This adds customization and trigger adjustability to the fantastic Emek/MG100 guns.

Adjustment screw for front-stop (to remove slack before the safety sets) always make sure your safety is functional after adjusting (vertical screw)

Adjustment screw for trigger activation point (top screw on trigger blade)

Adjustment screw for rear trigger stop (bottom screw on trigger blade)

Polished and lightened trigger blade with no sharp edges

Slightly longer and flatter trigger than stock (more blade-like) for increased leverage and to make it easy for any finger placement to feel natural

Horizontally aligned adjustment screws so the force on the trigger pin is only pushing it backwards into the valve rather than down which prevents binding and makes the smoothest trigger pull possible

Precision bearings

Precision knurled pin matched to bearings for easy install

Red so everyone else knows you have the best Emek/MG100 trigger available ;)

Spring set available separately.