PB Sports - On the Road - 2021

We travel to a number of large paintball events through the year.  Follow us to these events to have a great time!

Each of these events below has a link to the event.  We encourage you to come to as many of these as you can with us!

NOTE: COVID-19 may affect some or all of these dates and games.  Living Legends just got moved, and we have yet to decide what to do with that event.

2021 Events: 

Date TBD Monte Cassino - Paintball To Go

April 17-18 Fort Knox Paintball

April 24-25 Sherwood Forest - The Pirate Game

May 13-16 CPX Events - Living Legends 13

June 7-12 D-Day Adventure Park - Oklahoma D-Day

June 25-27 Sherwood Forest - Supergame IN 

July 9-11 Invasion of Normandy (ION) - Skirmish

July 10-11 Fort Knox Paintball

September 11-12 Fort Knox Paintball

October 9-10 Sherwood Forest - Fall Game

October 16-17 Fort Knox Paintball

Nov 5-7 Command Decisions - Fulda Gap

To get a better idea of what we take to these events, Click here to check out our booth from the 2019 Fulda Gap Scenario.