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Learn more about our company

PB Sports was started in 1994 as Paintball Pro Shop, inside of a paintball field in New Haven, Indiana. Our name changed to PB Sports in 1997. We have grown a LOT and had a few locations in the last 25+ years.  Our current location is around 4700 square feet of nothing but Paintball and Airsoft.  We sell online, at our retail store, and at select paintball events.   Click Here to get an idea of what our retail location looks like.

Account Information

Do I have to create an account to place an order?

No, you do not.  You are welcome to check out as a guest.  However, creating an account will enable to you to easily check on the status of your order, check on your tracking number, and will make subsequent orders easier for you.  Plus, we’ll think you’re cool if you create an account!

I forgot my password. Help me!

It's ok, everyone forgets things.  Click here, and we will help.  

Are you going to sell or give out my information?

Nope.  We hate spam email, and we would not wish it on our worst enemy.  As a valued customer, we would never sell or give out your information to anyone. 

Shipping Info

How much is shipping?

It depends on what you order, and how quickly you want it.  For orders under $50, USPS will most likely be the cheapest method, and the cost will be calculated at check-out.  If your order is over $50, which we surely think it should be, shipping is FREE!  You also have the option of paying $5 for an expedited upgrade to your free shipping.  Lastly, if you just can’t stand the idea of getting something for free, we will gladly let you pay for other shipping methods, they will be available during checkout.

Does my billing and shipping address have to match?

Yup. Don’t like this requirement? We don’t, either.  Blame all those jerks that have tried to order from online merchants like us using stolen credit cards.  If you really MUST have it shipped to an address other than your billing address, please call us at 260-471-4334 to make arrangements.

How soon will I get my order?

This will vary greatly depending on your chosen shipping method, and your location.  We are fairly centrally located for shipping purposes, but orders to the west coast may take an extra couple of days. If you are in a hurry, we suggest upgrading to the expedited shipping.  If you just have to have it RIGHT NOW, please call us, 260-471-4334 and we will see what we can do to help get it to you quickly.

In general, plan on 2-4 days for expedited shipping methods, and 3-8 days for standard shipping.

Do I have to sign for my package?

If you have a high value order, yes.  If you are not going to be available when it is delivered, you can contact either USPS or UPS to work out picking it up at the Post Office or UPS hub.  Have your tracking number handy when you contact them.

Do I have to pay for shipping insurance?

Nope, that’s on us.  We will always make sure your package is properly insured, without any cost to you.   Go ahead, order a LOT of stuff, and we will gladly insure it.  Nice, huh?

Can I get free shipping?

Yes!  Order more than $50, and we will cover shipping. 

What if I want free shipping AND fast shipping?

So you want the best of both worlds, I see.  Well, we do offer an expedited upgrade to your free shipping for only $5.  If you think you are super special, and have a high value order, contact us, or call us.  If you are nice, we may upgrade your shipping at no cost to you.

How do I track my shipment?

You can log in to your account to get the tracking number.  Once you have it, you can track any USPS package by clicking here, or any UPS packages by clicking here

Do you ship outside the US?

Nope.  I know, that sucks.  We have simply had too many issues to make this possible at this time.

Do you ship to Puerto Rico?

Yes.  We offer USPS shipping to all valid addresses in Puerto Rico.

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?

Yes, and thank you for your service!  We ship all APO and FPO orders through USPS only.

Billing info

Do I have to pay sales tax?

We collect sales tax on all orders shipped to an Indiana address.

My payment was declined online.  What should I do?

Well, don’t feel bad.  It could happen to anyone.  Check with your bank by calling the number on the back of the card.  Be sure you do not have a daily limit that you are exceeding, or some other issue.  Maybe you forgot about that pesky credit limit on your card?  If you can’t get something worked out with your credit card bank, and your friends won’t loan you the money, we have other options.  We accept Paypal payments.

Order Status

How do I see my order status?

Click here to go to your account.  All order updates will be shown.

I didn’t get my order.  Now what?

Cry.  That’s what we would do.  After you wipe your tears, go to your account by clicking here.  Use your tracking number to check on the status.  If it shows as delivered, and you don’t have it, check with everyone that could have received the package to make sure they did’t receive it.  Check the front door, back door, garage entrance, etc.  USPS and UPS drivers sometimes get a little creative in stashing your package.  UPS will also sometimes leave your paintball goodie shipment with a neighbor, which is usually noted in the tracking information. 

What if none of that worked?  Well, that sucks.  Contact us and let us help to get this sorted for you.

Can I cancel or change my order?

We can’t think of a reason that you would cancel any order from PB Sports.  But if you need to cancel your order, please call us asap.  We often ship orders out the same day that the order is placed.  Cancelling the order before we process or ship it makes things much easier on everyone. 

If your order is already on the way to you, and you need to cancel your order, we highly suggest you simply refuse the package.  It will get returned to us, and we can process your refund once it gets back to us.

Warranty Information

Learn more about the warranty for your purchase

If for some reason a product is not working correctly, please see below for phone numbers for the manufacturers we carry.  We do a LOT of business with most of these companies, letting them know you purchased it from PB Sports may help you in navigating any warranty issues.

Before you call, you may want to do a little research on your own to be sure it is not some sort of simple fix or user error.  It is amazing how many times a new Energizer or Duracell battery, or a quick inspection of your last assembly attempt for incorrectly installed parts fixes a problem.

Often, it may be easier to visit their website to contact them or email them, but we understand that sometimes a phone call is best.

  • Air Ordinance (866)286-8046
  • AGD/Air Gun Designs 847-520-7225
  • APP/Allen Paintball Products 888-608-7680
  • Azodin 909-468-3600
  • Bob Long /Field One 415-324-4050
  • Carmatech Engineering (260)820-0214
  • CCI 503-554-8095
  • CCM 877-412-6850
  • Custom Products(CP) 480-497-3273
  • Dangerous Power 888-369-7888 ext 1
  • Deadlywind 713-871-8668
  • DLX 707-927-3423
  • Dye 858-536-5183
  • Empire/BT/JT 800-724-6822
  • Exalt 317-354-5201
  • First Strike/Tiberius Arms/Guerrilla Air 260-478-2500 ext 3
  • Inception Designs 856-556-0099
  • GoG /Smart Parts 724-520-8690
  • Lapco 800-640-7929
  • Ninja 815-477-0007 ext 316
  • Palmers Pursuit 916-923-9676
  • Pinokio 571-277-4153
  • Planet Eclipse 401-247-0961
  • Shocker Paintball 724-520-8690
  • Techt 901-405-1848 ext 1
  • Tippmann/GI Sportz/U.S. Army 800-533-4831
  • Valken 866-978-2553 ext 2
  • Virtue/BNKR Kings 631-617-5560


Our return policy

If you need to return an unused, brand new item for any reason, we will gladly accept that return, minus shipping costs, within 30 days.  Please note this only applies to brand new product, unused, in the original factory packaging.  We do not accept returns on paintballs for any reason.  Used gear comes with a 30 day return period.  Any used gear must be returned to us in the same condition in which it was received. 

In the odd chance that we messed up and sent you the wrong thing, we will cover all costs associated with either exchanging or returning the incorrect item.  Plus, we will heartily chastise the guilty employee on your behalf.

Holiday Returns

Our holiday return policy offers an extended return window to allow for problem free returns of gifts.  Any purchase from November 20th through December 10th  will have an extended return date of January 10th for new, unopened, and unused product.

I ordered the wrong size/color/type.  How do I manage an exchange?

Probably the easiest thing to do is to contact us or call us.  Let us hold your hand through the process.  OK, not literally hold your hand.  We do like and appreciate you, just not in that way.

Can’t find your answer?

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