Collection: Carmatech

Started in 2010, Carmatech Engineering Inc. (CEI) is a mechanical engineering and product design company that utilizes engineering fundamentals to develop products under the CEI label. Since July of 2010 CEI has been working to refine and perfect the SAR12/ SAR12C for multimarket use.  Since that time, they have continued to perfect what has come to be known as the best paintball sniper rifle available.

Carmatech is also very well known for their Nemesis barrel.  This barrel was designed to specifically work with First Strike rounds (FSR).  They also offer an amazing optic for use with FSR, the Supremacy Scope.  This too was designed specifically for use with FSR.

We continue to work closely with Carmatech to make sure we have the latest products in stock as much as possible, and to support the existing products in the marketplace with upgrades and service items, like oring kits.