Collection: Cybergun

Jérôme Marsac and Vincent Bouvet initially developed their modeling business in the French market before launching AIR SOFT GUNS® in 1993. These replica airsoft guns project 6mm plastic pellets and are intended for adult users only. As these products faithfully reproduced real firearms, the idea came to the two entrepreneurs to obtain licenses from major defense manufacturers. Smith & Wesson® signed the first contract in 1997, followed by COLT®, SIG SAUER®, DESERT EAGLE™, and many others, resulting in a portfolio of over 20 exclusive global licenses. This has established the company as a global leader in the industry. In addition to licensing, the group also demonstrated its creativity by filing a patent for a groundbreaking innovation in 1998: clear guns (transparent replicas).


Today, they continue to be a leader in the airsoft community, with strong ties and relationships to real steel companies.