Collection: Krytac

KRYTAC was founded in 2013 by a group of U.S.A. based airsoft professionals with one common goal: to shake up the status quo with disruptive designs, with an emphasis on raising the bar of performance and craftsmanship.

The Trident M4 AEG series set a new standard for airsoft gun reliability, performance, and construction, by employing features at the factory level that airsoft technicians previously had to fabricate themselves. A MOSFET integrated into the gearbox, radius cylinder window gearbox shell, and an absent second-to-last tooth on the piston all came standard for the first time, out of the box with the KRYTAC Trident Series. Externally, the Trident Series shattered expectations with hard coat anodized aluminum furniture, key-mod modular hand guards, and an adjustable stock designed to fit a myriad of different batteries.

Building on the success of the Trident, KRYTAC upgraded the platform even further with the Trident MK2 Series. The Trident MK2 brought the entire product line into the modern era with redesigned billet-style receivers, M-LOK free floating hand guards, extremely low profile sights, and an ergonomic pistol grip.

KRYTAC’s craftsmanship and pedigree garnered the attention of select firearms manufacturers that were eager to see their designs in airsoft form. Through the KRYTAC Officially Licensed Series came the revolutionary WarSport LVOA, then later, the renowned BARRETT REC7. The underpinnings of the Trident MK2 series paired with the iconic designs from some of the most esteemed firearms manufacturers offered KRYTAC customers an unparalleled ownership experience.

With the M4 AEG segment dominated by the Trident MK2 and Officially Licensed replicas, KRYTAC set after a new target. The KRYTAC KRISS Vector AEG was released in 2017 and immediately became a player’s favorite in the SMG segment. The unmistakable looks of the KRISS Vector powered by a KRYTAC gearbox propelled the AEG to the top of the submachine gun AEG market.

A few years later, KRYTAC followed up the Vector with another iconic submachine gun, the Officially Licensed FN P90, made in collaboration with firearms and airsoft industry powerhouses; FN Herstal, Cybergun, and Evike Manufacturing Group.

After years creating segment-defining products in the battery powered segment, KRYTAC introduced their first gas powered airsoft gun, the Officially Licensed SilencerCo Maxim 9 Gas Blow Back Pistol. The integrally suppressed handgun provided the perfect canvas for KRYTAC to create a gas powered masterpiece.

In the years since the initial KRYTAC launch, and through the evolution of their many products, one thing has never changed, the unwavering focus to push the boundaries into new and unprecedented levels of performance and craftsmanship.