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Airsoft Walther P38 Gas Blow Back Pistol

Airsoft Walther P38 Gas Blow Back Pistol

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This Walther P38 green gas airsoft pistol is an amazing replica of Walther's original P38 firearm. This P38 gas gun fires 12 plastic BBs as fast as you can pull the trigger. The realistic recoil of the split-second, precision blowback action gives it an authentic look and feel. Blowback slide delivers realistic action. Description : - Caliber : 6mm - Power : Gas (134a Recommended) - Brand : Walther, Licensed by Umarex USA - Safety Type : Manual - Firing Modes : Safe / Semi - Muzzle Velocity : 300-325FPS - Overall Length : 225mm - Weight (unloaded) : 20.8g - Magazine Capacity : 12 rounds - Ammo Type : .20 Airsoft BB - Manufacture: Maruzen / Japan: Umarex Licensed

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