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Empire Battle Tested

BT Omega Player's Parts Kit

BT Omega Player's Parts Kit

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Have this in your gear bag and you will have the piece of mind that you have the parts you need to service your Omega paintball gun.


  • Replacement parts to maintain your Omega Paintball Gun
  • Lots of Replacement parts included
  • Contains O-rings, Springs, Screws, Pins and other parts

Parts List

• Omega Trigger Plate Pin
• Omega Safety With O-Rings
• Omega Short and Long Receiver Screws
• Omega Lower Frame Screw
• Ball Detent
• Cup Seal Assembly (3 parts)
• Sear
• Front Bolt
• Linkage Arm
• Receiver Nuts and Tank Adapter Nuts
• Valve Screw
• Velocity Screw
• Feed Elbow Pinch Bolt, Elbow Nut, Elbow Washer
• Front Bolt O-Ring
• Internal Valve O-Ring
• Rear Bolt & External Valve O-Ring
• Shock Absorber O-Ring
• Grip Screws
• Short and Long Tank Adapter Screws
• Bolt Handle Rubber Cover
• Drive Spring and Drive Spring Guide
• Barrel Adaptor O-Ring
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