Dangerous Power Fusion FX Silver/Black

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The FX is lighter, smaller, more efficient and even more user friendly than ever before. What more can you expect from the NEXT GENERATION of Dangerous Power Paintball Guns!


  • Grip frame OLED.
  • Innovative stocked fully programmable micro-switch OLED board for your viewing (and playing) pleasure.
  • Ultra sharp OLED display. The sharpest OLED display in its class, providing a high contrast (2000:1), high resolution (192 x 32), and extremely power efficient display screen.
  • Configurable modes. Rule change "immune" Tournament Modes that are fully user configurable. Flexible for all levels and modes of play.
  • Comprehensive Breakout Mode Controls. Provides the most flexible and creative recreational play and training operations available.
  • Ultra low-profile Clamping Feedneck. That's right - the clamping feedneck that is widely used throughout the paintball industry was originally designed by the folks at DP Engineering.
  • RAPS (Rapid Air Pressurizing System) Flip Lever Style ASA. This revolutionary ASA makes standard twist-knob ASAs a thing of the past. Another DP Engineering original.
  • SwitchBlade Trigger. Customize your game plan by flipping the trigger to the desired side, no tools necessary and Adjustable magnetic ball bearing trigger. Two amazing triggers in one - priceless.
  • Extremely light weight body (1.94 lbs with barrel, patented RAPS ASA, clamping feedneck and battery).
  • High precision light weight 3-D milled aluminum alloy body and accents.
  • Light weight interlocking ported two piece barrel.
  • Technology surface TiN treatment for Ram/Hammer, lower friction with marker body.