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Dangerous Power

Dangerous Power Fusion FX Stealth

Dangerous Power Fusion FX Stealth

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The long awaited FX finally takes a stand and delivers dangerous and cutting edge technology to the Fusion Series. The Fusion X takes a prideful stand and fierce introduction for the new decade! Through intricate design and development, the Fusion series conjures powerful attributes making it a new class of Dangerous Power markers.

From superior quality, the FX's newly designed internals ensure dominating performance. The slim striker system's compact performance aims to deliver efficiency and accuracy. The lightweight body and internals ensures quick mobility for a fast response time.

The OLED micro-switch board is capable of programming tournament modes and much more. The Fusion X grasps the balance of raw power, accuracy, and mobility all at an affordable price. Dangerous Power is proud to unleash the new generation of Fusions - The FX.

      Reinforced Fire-Valve System

  • Newly design Slim-profile Valve system designed to increase intense performance while maintaining a lightweight & versatile firing system.
      Reinforced Ballistic Ram

  • New Ballistic Rammer, reinforced with Titanium Nitride coating treatment to reduce thermal expansion & conductivity within the Slim-profile valve system. The TiN Treatment allows the light weight Ballistic Ram to perform under extreme rapid conditions while maintaining thermodynamic stability.
      Low Pressure Regulator

  • Spring assisted high pressure regulator designed for a very accurate source of incoming rapid pressure & precise tuning.
      SwitchBlade™ Trigger

  • Customize your game plan by flipping the trigger to the desired side, no tools necessary and Adjustable magnetic ball bearing trigger. Two amazing triggers in one - priceless. (U.S. Patent Pending)
      Multi-adjustable Trigger

  • Adjustable magnetic break-away pull system & a 3-way trigger travel adjustment. Adjust your trigger according to your style of play making each pull perfect to the touch.
      Ultra sharp OLED display

  • The sharpest OLED display in its class, Providing a high contrast (2000:1), high resolution (192 x 32), and extremely power efficient display screen.
      Configurable modes

  • Rule change "immune" Tournament Modes that are fully user configurable. Flexible for all levels and modes of play.
      Comprehensive Breakout Mode Controls

  • Provides the most flexible and creative recreational play and training operations availble.
      Clamping Feed-neck

  • This's right - the clamping feedneck that is widely used throughout the paintball industry was originally designed by the folks at DP Engineering. (U.S. Patent - US7252080B2)
      RAPSTM(Rapid Air Pressure System)

  • Flip-lever style ASA. This revolutionary ASA makes standard twist-knob ASAs a thing of the past. Another DP Engineeding orignal. (U.S. Patent - US7156135)
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