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Discraft Valerie Mandujano 2024 Tour Series Scorch Disc

Discraft Valerie Mandujano 2024 Tour Series Scorch Disc

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SPEED: 11 GLIDE: 6 TURN: -2 FADE: 0.5

Introducing the all-new Discraft Scorch! Designed to provide maximum glide with a reliable fade regardless of your skill level. Beginner to Intermediate players will find the Scorch an easy to throw straight flier that will fight to come back, even in the wind, while Advanced and Professionals can expect high-speed turn and a late finish producing amazing distance.

With 12 different molds, the 2024 Tour Series offers something for every type of player and every kind of throw. From the precision of the Buzzz to the explosive power of the Nuke, customers will find a disc for every aspect of their game.

The reputation of this series is built on consistency and quality. Players trust the Tour Series for their competitive and casual rounds, knowing these discs deliver reliable performance.

The Jawbreaker Z FLX plastic is a unique blend that combines exceptional grip with the perfect amount of flexibility, making these discs sought after for their feel and performance in all weather conditions.

Please note: Disc colors and stamp will vary

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