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Discraft Zone GT Battle Pack Disc Set

Discraft Zone GT Battle Pack Disc Set

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Taking inspiration from the Banger GT, and Ringer GT; the Zone GT Battle Pack is the ultimate test to help Discraft determine which disc will be PDGA approved and become a stock Discraft disc!

Each disc will come with a unique QR code. Simply scan the QR code, and you'll be taken to Discraft's product research survey. Filling out the survey is a way to cement yourself in disc golf history, by helping choose which disc will be approved and mass produced!

An emblem of precision and control, the Zone has established itself as a must-have. Its overstable flight, favored for approach shots and short drives, is a testament to its reliability. Enter the innovative designs of the Banger GT and Ringer GT concept tops, and the Zone elevates to a level of its own. The Banger GT's "Groove Top" isn't just about looks; it offers a unique grip, particularly for those who lean towards a thumb track hold, ensuring a slightly overstable and predictable flight. On the other hand, the Ringer GT, with its "Groove Top" near the rim, provides an unparalleled grip experience, coupled with a stable to slightly overstable flight. This merging of the Zone's legacy with the grip enhancements of the Banger GT and Ringer GT creates an unprecedented fusion, ushering in a new chapter of disc golf where design innovation meets peak performance and community involvement.

Please note: Disc colors and stamp will vary.

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