Dye M2 MOSair Complete Factory Upgrade Kit Black Red

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The Dye M2 MOSAir upgrade board is a drop in replacement for all Dye M2 paintball guns.

New features include:
- Shot Tracker
- Power Off Double Tap Option
- Outlaw Firing Mode
- High Contrast Play Screens
- Tournament Style Play Screen
- Three Boot Screens
- Improved Systems Check Screen
- Service System Disable Feature

The M2 MOSAir upgrade board is also e.VOKE compatible! The e.VOKE system allows the user to receive audio updates through their mask. The e.VOKE communicates directly with the MOSAir board to alert the user. By upgrading to the M2 MOSAir upgrade board, you will receive a wireless charging pad. Cable Free Charging (CFC) allows you to place your marker on the charging pad and have your gun charge instead of plugging it. The charging pad uses a USB cord for power. The M2 MOSAir upgrade board allows the user to custom build their own firing mode. You decide when the gun goes into burst or ramping mode. You decide what it takes to enter that mode. It is highly customizable and easy to set. For convenience factors, the new MOSAir board features a Double Tap option to power off the marker. Hold the power button down or double tap it and the M2 will shut down. We all know the struggle of trying to push the power button while wearing gloves. The Dye M2 MOSAir Complete Upgrade Kit comes with the MOSAir Upgrade Board, Wireless Charging Pad, Wireless Charger and MOSAir Compatible grip.