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Empire Ultra Light 68ci/4500psi HPA Tank w/ FLO PRO Regulator

Empire Ultra Light 68ci/4500psi HPA Tank w/ FLO PRO Regulator

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Introducing the new FLO regulator from Empire!  This truly balanced regulator offers performance and features never before seen on a paintball regulator.  The biggest innovation, in our opinion, is the balanced fixed ratio regulator piston.  This means the valve piston stays in a balanced state, to reduce the output fluctuation as the internal tank pressure drops.

The bottle and regulator together weigh 2.0 lbs.

The position of the bonnet can be changed to fit each player's desires, and this can be changed UNDER FULL PRESSURE, using the provided regulator tool. 

The output of the regulator is externally adjustable. It can be set to approximately 500 or 800 psi, simply by swapping the position of two screws.  Please note that the bottle must be EMPTY to perform this function.

FLO Regulator Features:

  • Balanced fixed ratio regulator piston
  • Adjustable body piston, which can be done under full pressure
  • Micro Gauge
  • Flush style burst discs
  • Low profile fill nipple
  • Externally adjustable output, preset to either 500 or 800 psi
  • Includes a 3 function regulator tool for adjustment and maintenance
  • Dual o-rings on bonnet

Tank Features

  • Ultra lightweight carbon fiber tank, 30% lighter than Basics 68ci
  • Matte black finish
  • Five year hydro retest cycle
  • Made in the USA
  • DOT/TC approved tanks
  • True 68 cubic inch bottle

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