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Enola Gaye

Enola Gaye EG18 Smoke Grenade - Black - NO SHIPPING

Enola Gaye EG18 Smoke Grenade - Black - NO SHIPPING

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The EG18 Smoke Grenade range from Enola Gaye has been designed to be the crossover from Paintball/Airsoft pyrotechnics into military spec pyro. While this product is aimed at the airsoft and paintball players of the world, it bellows out a massive amount of smoke similar of that to a M18 military smoke grenade.

The EG18 is the favored product for professional airsoft players and teams. All EG18 smoke grenades are fitted with the desirable Wire Pull™ igniters.

  • A big smoke effect, not too overpowering
  • Duration: 80 Seconds
  • Cloud Size: 6
  • Simple Pull Ring Ignition (Wire Pull)
  • Non-toxic Smoke, fully biodegradable body

PLEASE NOTE: Due to shipping regulations, we CAN NOT SHIP any Enola Gaye smoke units.  These are available exclusively for pickup at our retail location.

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