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Exalt Carbon Loader Case - Black/Blue

Exalt Carbon Loader Case - Black/Blue

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Designed specifically to protect your loader from the perils of the road, the Exalt Universal Loader Case stores your loader and other game-day essentials and guarantees their safe arrival. Designed to accommodate nearly every loader on the market, the Exalt Universal Loader Case can store your favorite hopper, up to 6 double A (AA) batteries, and even has an accessory pocket to accommodate an extra speedfeed, rain lid, or anything else you need to keep secure. Lightweight, tough water-resistant exterior, coupled with a supple high-pile microfiber lining makes sure your loader arrives to the field scot-free.
  • 10" x 5.5" x 5" overall dimensions
  • Removable storage pocket keeps speedfeeds, rain lids and accessories safe
  • Integrated storage for up to six AA batteries


Loader not included! Shown for illustrative purposes only!!

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