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GOG Freak Original Carbon Fiber One Piece Barrel - Ion/Impulse Thread

GOG Freak Original Carbon Fiber One Piece Barrel - Ion/Impulse Thread

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Using the tried and true spiral porting our carbon fiber one piece barrel provides incredible strength in a light weight attractive package that still accepts freak inserts. The wait is finally over. Freak flexibility and bore-to-paint matching is now available with the amazing strength-to-weight ration of true carbon fiber. Not to be confused with budget built barrels that have a carbon fiber pattern printed on them, or a carbon rube wraped in carbon fiber, The Carbon Fiber Freak is built of layered woven carbon fiber compostie from its inner bore to its exterior for maximum strength. True All-American Porting dampens the marker's sound signature while providing a pathway for propellant gas to equalize with the atmostsphere before the ball exits the barrel, with a unique size ration and pattened spiral pattern that has been the choice of top competitive paintball players since the 1980's. Available as slim Freak system fronts or extra weight-saving full-length Inline Freak Barrels, the Carbon Fiber Freak is the nexus of efficency and strength. One-Piece Specifications: Material: Full carbon weave compostie with durable aluminum threads. 

**Comes with a 0.689 Freak Aluminum Insert**

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