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Inception Designs Autococker High Flow Valve - 9/16ths Bore

Inception Designs Autococker High Flow Valve - 9/16ths Bore

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This is a modern high flow and very rapid closing valve that is available as an upgrade for any gun with an 9/16ths bore and is the standard valve that comes in all 9/16ths lower bore guns from Inception.

Now updated with the V.2 version we have made the valve more stable in the bore of the body to prevent initial build leaks, improved the valves ability to seal at lower pressures, improved the sealing reliability and ported the gas path through the valve to improve performance.

Designed for better flow with a reduced valve stem and the gas port on one side only to prevent flow disruption. The gas port is size matched to the flow hole through the gun body for the best gas flow path possible and ported at 45 degrees.

The valve has a fin stabilized molded cup seal for consistency and utilizes an o-ring sealed oversize stem that uses the pressure of the gas flowing through the valve to rapidly close the valve creating a much shorter and more consistent gas burst which in turn helps with efficiency, velocity consistency over the chronograph and helps make your gun as quiet as possible by reducing the wasted gas flow after the ball has already been accelerated.
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